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ETH BiodivX

$10M XPRIZE Rainforest Finalist

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About us

Our experiences span cultural, artistic, scientific, and social science backgrounds - from inventing ways to sequence DNA from air to influencing and negotiating multilateral conservation agreements to working on the frontlines of human health connections and biodiversity.

We are team ETH BiodivX and we enter this competition as if it were no different than our daily work, because in fact, we have all dedicated our careers to solving the technical and environmental challenges of our time.

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About the $10M XPRIZE Rainforest

The $10M XPRIZE Rainforest is a five-year competition to accelerate the innovation of autonomous technologies needed for biodiversity assessment and to enhance our understanding of rainforest ecosystems.


Our Solution

We collect large amounts of eDNA, images and sounds through autonomous drones and rovers - and analyze the data through a live dashboard, advanced AI algorithms and a global community of Indigenous citizen scientists.

The Competition



hours of data collection

Within 24 hours our team had to survey 100 hectares of rainforest and collect as much biodiversity data as possible.


hours of data analysis

Afterwards our team had a 48 hour window to analyze the data and curate as many species detections and insights as possible.

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ETH BiodivX

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Our AI Assistant Taina allows you to send nature images. ​Speak to it in your native language and tell us interesting facts ​and stories about the images!

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